Waterville to Colby: The College should grow but only among its friends

Colby Bicentennial Seal 1864-1913

Sept. 23, 1930

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The citizens of Waterville are aroused. Desirous as we are to see Colby College expand, we shall do everything in our power to have it expand in this city. We have several splendid sites within the limits of the city, all of them suitably adapted to the relocation of the college. These sites compare favorably with any location which can be found anywhere and most of them are far superior. We believe Colby College can grow among its friends far better than it can among strangers no matter how well disposed these strangers may be, especially when no valid reason for moving the college away from our city has been advanced.

-F. Harold Dubord,
mayor of Waterville,
in Waterville Sentinel