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Jan. 23, 1889

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What species of idiot?

Dear Sir:

What species of idiot is running the Personal column of the Echo? In the last issue I noticed that I have died, Dec. 8. Perhaps I did, but as yet I have not been officially notified of the fact. Please correct.


The Echo regrets to publish such criticisms as the above, but due respect to the dead requires it. The Personal editor declares that his source of information was reliable; yet, we must give our correspondent all benefit of doubt. The Echo editors are developing such talent for gathering news, that slight errors of this kind are to be excused. One truth may be learned, however, from the incident. The alumni of Colby so seldom send the Echo editors any news of themselves that we are, perhaps, forced to give them up as dead. The injustice of the error in the last issue is that Mr. Stewart is made to atone for the sins of all the alumni. The lesson should now be heeded; every alumnus should hasten to send in some interesting item concerning himself or some other graduate, lest perchance, our Personal column contain another untimely obituary notice.