Waterville College. Colby University. Colby College. The 50-year period that began with the Civil War was marked by dramatic changes that went deeper than a name, including the war, debate of the place of women at the College, and a gift from philanthropist Gardiner Colby, who left his name and allowed for the College’s survival.

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  • Jan. 1, 1864

    Headquarters 13th Me. Reg.
    Fort Esperanza, Texas 
    I have allowed myself to be too minute in this report that you may understand exactly how one hundred of your “Yankees” baffled, beat back, and eluded so large a body of

  • 1864

    Battle of Bull Run
    Extract from the report of Henry G. Staples, commander of the 3rd Maine infantry, on the Battle of Bull Run.
    “Captain Hesseltine [1862], before leaving camp with his company, engaged in prayer, and was heard to

  • Aug. 8, 1866

    That a committee be appointed to procure from the Legislature of the State change of the name of this institution from Waterville College to that of Colby University.

  • July 7, 1873

    In the communication that the action of the Trustees of Colby University indicates the will of God concerning me, I do hereby accept the position to which they call me on the conditions mentioned in your letter. I do this

  • July 25, 1876

    Resolved that the students of the university be required to attend public worship, at least once on each Lord’s Day, during term time; each student, or in case any student is a minor, his parent or guardian selecting at the

  • July 2, 1883

    More Persecution of Roger Williams

    Report to trustees These papers call loudly for enlargement of the means and the multiplication of the agencies for the more liberal accomplishment of the purpose of a university. The educators here employed are pursuing

  • Jan. 23, 1889

    What species of idiot?
    Dear Sir:
    What species of idiot is running the Personal column of the Echo? In the last issue I noticed that I have died, Dec. 8. Perhaps I did, but as yet I have not been

  • Jan. 27,1889

    From Colby University to Colby College
    The chairman presented a copy of the special act of the Legislature of Maine approved Jan. 25, 1899, whereby the name of the corporation was changed from the “President and Trustees of Colby University”

  • June 27, 1892

    Little Short of Murder
    Trustee report: The instruction on the whole was thorough and the professors seemed devoted to their work. There is much more real teaching in the University than there was in the years when most of the

  • June 30, 1896

    A deficit of $7,000 is cause for apprehension
    Finance committee report: We are confronted with a condition and not a theory, and the condition appears serious enough to call for general consideration. While we try not to be pessimistic, we

  • June 28, 1898

    A mild introduction of the ludicrous on proper occasions
    Trustee report: The feature of the work which struck your committee very forcibly was the genial, kindly sympathy between professors and students. The professors generally did not hesitate to enliven the

  • June 26, 1900

    Do not bank too much on the future
    Your Committee on Finance are not pessimistically inclined but are compelled to say that they are filled with apprehension at our present financial situation.
    During the past year the College has expended

  • June 24, 1901

    Separate in chapel, recitations, commencement
    We find that the opinion favorable to coeducation and co-ordination is very general, and yet the desire exists among many young men to go to a man’s college and among many young women to go

  • March 19, 1904

    Miss Norton returns after attack of the grip
    Miss Smith, ’05, is ill with tonsillitis.
    College will close next Tuesday evening, March 22.
    Prof. Roberts lectured at Wilton Tuesday evening.
    Percy Andrew, ’01, took dinner at the Commons Wednesday.

  • Jan. 25, 1905

    A separate college for Women’s Division
    Trustees voted that the Women’s Division of Colby College be made into a separate college with:
    1st - A separate name
    2nd – A separate chapel service
    3rd – A separate catalogue