Three wars. Economic depression. Construction of a new campus from scratch. And throughout this 50-year period, Colby was ready for whatever the future would bring.

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  • Nov. 21, 1917

    During war, Colby opening delayed for harvest:
    President Arthur J. Roberts: College did not open this year until the eleventh of October, so my annual news-letter to the sons and daughters and friends of Colby is somewhat belated. Bates, University

  • Oct. 4, 1922

    Colby holds B.U. to 3-3 tie:

    Boston University came to Waterville Saturday with the intention of having an easy game that would serve as an early season practice. They changed their minds, and before the Colby B.U. game was over

  • June 3, 1925

    A flying trip by fliver:
    “Eb” Sansone took a flying trip by freight, automobile and buggy to his home in Norwood over the week-end.
    Bill Blake and “Judge” Cary flivered down to Island Park, Saturday night, and report that the

  • Dec. 6, 1926

    Indoor gymnasium: Moving beyond Indian clubs:
    President Arthur J. Roberts: A committee of the Trustees has just been appointed to plan a campaign for securing money to build a new gymnasium. The present gymnasium dates from the days when students

  • Dec. 1934

    Dept. of Health to inspect frats:
    We have greatly improved the living conditions of the five fraternities occupying houses owned by the College. Not only have there been some structural changes and a liberal use of new paint and paper,

  • 1935

    No weapons in freshman-sophomore competitions:
    Suggestions for changes in Freshman-Sophomore Relations

    Sunday and Monday are at all times to be days of truce between the sophomore and freshman classes.
    No paddles or other weapons are to be used in any

  • Dec. 29, 1941

    In wartime, teach photography, astronomy, and problems of the Far East:
    FROM: Elmer C. Warren
    TO: President Johnson
    SUBJECT: Emergency measures
    In accordance with our recent conversations and your instructions I have prepared the following for your consideration:
    A. Courses

  • Oct. 30, 1942

    Wars have not and will not defeat Colby
    To All Colby Men in the Service:

    When the Civil War depleted the classrooms, it was predicted that Colby would have to close, never to reopen. But a greater Colby grew out

  • Nov. 1, 1944

    As occupiers, make effort to build goodwill:
    I have been pleased to receive reports from some of my former students that they have had a chance to see some of the classical art and architecture of Italy about which I

  • Dec. 1946

    After war, liberal arts needed more than ever:
    Higher education today is on a crest of popularity. Those who predicted that the war experience would turn boys toward the more immediately useful types of vocational training were only partially correct.