Colleges have personalities. Colby’s is distinct from all other academic institutions. Colleges also create a wide variety of communications, from print publications, to websites, to social media engagement. Even the signage you see on campus is a reflection of Colby’s graphic identity

The primary goal of a graphic-identity system is to create a consistent look for Colby’s official correspondence in order to distinguish Colby from other institutions. Regardless of which department generates them, letters from the College, for example, need to look like they come from the same institution. Distinguishing our communications in this way is important in a marketplace crowded with competing messages from a host of other colleges and universities.

Using Colby’s stationery, getting fonts installed on computers, and following a few simple guidelines for formatting letters are the only things that most faculty and staff need to worry about to make Colby’s graphic identity work. At the same time, other departments on campus work to ensure that all College publications, signs, employment ads, banners, lecterns, vehicles, etc. maintain consistent graphic standards. By working together, we can all be brand ambassadors and make Colby recognizable the world over.