Colby Editorial Style Guide

2 Capitalization

2.1 Academic Divisions, Departments, and Programs, and Administrative Offices and Departments

2.2 Buildings, Facilities, and Roads

2.3 Alma Mater

2.4 Alumni Association, Alumni Council

2.5 a.m. and p.m.

2.6 Board of Trustees, Faculty, President, Visitors

2.7 Classes and Courses

2.8 Class Years and Parent Years

2.9 Colby Fund

2.10 The College

2.11 College Events

2.12 Committees, Clubs

2.13 Official and Courtesy Titles

2.14 Student Classifications

2.15 Historical Periods

2.16 Honors

2.17 Majors, Programs

2.18 Regional Designations

2.19 Seasons

2.20 State and Federal

2.21 Web Words

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