Identify past and current students by their class years with an apostrophe ( ’, not ‘) before the year.

alumna—feminine singular
alumnae—feminine plural
alumnus—masculine singular
alum—masculine or feminine singular
alums, alumni—masculine or mixed plurals

Right: John W. Smith ’42, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, likes to work in his garden.
Right: Fred ’50 and Mary Smith Jones ’53 were active in the Waterville Colby Club.
Right: Mary (Smith) ’53 and Fred Jones ’50 were active in the Waterville Colby Club.

If a person has more than one degree, place a comma between the class years.

Right: Robert E. Diamond ’73, LL.D. ’08

Avoid using possessives with class year. Find another construction

Wrong: Robert W. Burke’s ’61 daughter, Kelly
Wrong: Robert W. Burke ’61’s daughter, Kelly Burke Corwen ’83
Right: Kelly Burke Corwen ’83, daughter of Robert W. Burke ’61

Catalogue Rule: Do not list honorary degrees from other institutions. Regarding highest degrees earned at other institutions: if undergraduate, it should precede Colby honorary degree; if advanced, it should follow Colby honorary master’s degree and Colby honorary doctorate.

Right: Richard L. Abedon ’56, M.A. ’86, J.D.
Right: Peter D. Hart ’64, M.A. ’89, LL.D. ’85
Right: Robert N. Anthony ’38, M.A. ’59, L.H.D. ’63, M.B.A., D.C.S.
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