Class Years and Parent Years

Capitalize Class in all references to Colby class years. Use the apostrophe (not opening single quote) to abbreviate class years. Use four digits in class years from more than 90 years ago.

For parents and grandparents, use P or GP followed by an apostrophe and the abbreviated class year. For parents or grandparents with more than one child, add a comma followed by a second apostrophe and class year.

If alumni are also parents, use their class year first, followed by the parent convention described above.

Right: The Class of 1956 broke the fundraising record.
Right: Dr. Clarence E. “Doggie” Dore ’39 was the College physician. (Not ‘39.)
Right: Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Class of 1826, was a martyr to abolition and freedom of the press.
Right: Michael ’72 and Anne O’Hanian Szostak ’72 returned to campus in June.
Right: Dick Schmaltz ’62, P’87, GP’15 is a frequent summer visitor on campus.
Right: Colby’s Young Observatory was made possible by the generosity of David P’18, ’18 and Deanna Young P’18, ’18.
Right: Kristen Hock Davie ’90, P’21 has been the correspondent for the Class of 1990 since 2010.
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