Days, Dates, Months, Years

Do not use on with dates unless its absence would lead to confusion. To describe sequences or inclusive dates or times use a hyphen (-) without spaces for to. Abbreviate months when a date is used (see section 1.2).

Wrong: The program ends on December 15, 2002.
Right: The program ends Dec. 15, 2002.
Right: The program ends in December 2002.
Wrong: Apply here May 7 to 9, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Right: Apply here May 7-9, 8-10 a.m.

Use “to,” not a hyphen, when using “from.”

Wrong: The exhibition ran from May 1-23.
Right: The exhibition ran from May 1 to 23.

Spell out ordinals first through ninth and use numerals with appropriate letter suffixes for 10th and above.

Right: the first semester, the second vice president
Right: the ninth sample, our 50th anniversary

Do not use ordinals (st, th, etc.) with dates except when the month is not written. Do not use superscript ordinals.

Wrong: Submit applications by Oct. 14th.
Right: Submit applications by Oct. 14.
Exception: Submit applications by the 14th
Wrong: the 10th sample
Right: our 50th anniversary

When referring to decades, change to numerals or capitalize the decade. Use apostrophe only if the use is possessive.

Wrong: Fraternities were banned in the 1980’s.
Right: The Beatles dominated the music scene in the 1960s.
Right: The Seventies was the decade of the “me generation.”
Right: She graduated with the Class of ’29.
Right: Mackenzie and Weisbrot wrote about the ’60s
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