Official and Courtesy Titles

Titles are capitalized only when written before a person’s name. Refer to the Colby College Catalogue for official titles.

Do not put a courtesy title before a person’s name if a degree title follows it. Use the abbreviations only after a full name, never after just a last name. Lowercase titles unless they precede a name. Second and subsequent references generally use last names only.

Vice president has no hyphen.

When used after a name, a courtesy title is set off by commas. Titles such as C.P.A. are preceded by a comma. Jr. or ordinals in names (III etc.) are not preceded by a comma.

A title is never used for an honorary degree. Colby publications only use the title Dr. for medical and osteopathic doctors.

Courtesy titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss are generally not used in either first or subsequent references.

Professor may be used as a courtesy title, capitalized before the person’s name. Coach is lowercase, with or without the specific name of the sport coached.

Wrong: Dr. John Thomas, Ph.D.
Right: Kevin Jones, Ph.D.
Right: Dr. Marie Jones (if she is a medical doctor)
Right: Vice President Douglas Terp ’84 is an alumnus.
Right: Douglas C. Terp ’84, vice president for administration and CFO, is an alumnus.
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