Seeking Mental Health Support Over the Summer


Even with the more relaxed pace over the summer and a fraction of students present on campus, mental health issues can still arise. It is important for students living and/or working on campus over the summer months to know what mental health resources are available locally should help be needed. This is particularly important because campus mental health resources are not available to students in the same ways they are during the academic year.

The Counseling Services office is closed from Monday, May 22nd through Sunday, August 27th, 2017.  As a result, our office is not available to provide on-going counseling for students over that span of time. However, the director is available for routine, non-emergent consultations and to assist with providing referrals for local mental health services.

For EMERGENCY MENTAL HEALTH SITUATIONS, or urgent mental health concerns, our on-call counselor is available to provide brief support for students who are living and/or working on campus over the summer.  Students can reach the on-call counselor 24/7 by calling Counseling Services at 207-859-4490 and pressing “0”.  If on-going counseling is needed, referrals to local resources will be provided.


For routine mental health consultations and assistance with referrals:

Please email Eric Johnson, Director of Counseling Services, at


See below for a list of local mental health providers.


Local Mental Health Referrals:

  • Health Psych Maine – 872-5800
  • Rebecca Lovitz, LCSW – 228-2741
  • Todd MacFarlane, LCPC – 215-6442
  • Maine General Mental Health and Substance Abuse (including medication) – 877-777-9393


Any questions about the information above should be directed to Eric Johnson at Thank you and have a great summer!!