Animals Need . . .


Tina Serdjenian
George J. Mitchell School
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Tel. (207) 873-0695
Elaine Breton
Grade Two
George J. Mitchell School
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Tel. (207) 873-0695


Grade Level: One

Group Setting: Small or Large Group Instruction

Time Requirement: three 45 minute sessions

Curriculum Area: Science

Maine Learning Results Performance Indicators:

C2: Demonstrate an understanding that plants and animals need food, water and gases to survive

Waterville Curriculum Document Indicators:

Identify four requirements that animals need to live: food, shelter, air, water (Cells, 2a)

Task Description:

Students will design/create a pamphlet using some assigned vocabulary in order to describe the four requirements their selected animal needs in order to live. The teacher will provide the format for this activity (see model).

Student Products/Performances:

Suggested format for student pamphlet on trifold paper:

(animal name/illustration) (illustration to match text) (illustration to match text)
My animal is a(n) _________. My animal eats _________ and it drinks ________. It breathes ________. My animal lives in a ____________________.

Teaching Materials/ARC Resources:

These are suggested ARC titles for your work with this lesson plan.

Code Number Material Title
VC574.5-57 Story of the Woodland Stream
VC574.5-74 Food for Thought (Food Chains and Webs)
VC574.92-26 Magic School Bus: Gets Eaten (food chain)
VC574.5-30 You are in the Food Web
KC591-39 Animal Homes
FSC591-41 Room to Live: Animal Homes and Territories


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