"Mystery Box"


Tina Serdjenian
George J. Mitchell School
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Email: tserdjenian@fc.wtvl.k12.me.us
Elaine Breton
Grade Two
George J. Mitchell School
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Tel. (207) 873-0695
Email: ebreton@fc.wtvl.k12.me.us


Grade Level: One

Group Setting: Small or Large Group Instruction

Time Requirement: two 45 minute sessions

Curriculum Area: Science

Maine Learning Results Performance Indicators:

L3: Ask clarifying questions

Waterville Curriculum Document Indicators:

Using pictures of animals in a "Mystery Box" students ask clarifying questions about the body covering, the homes and foods to determine the animals.
(Communication, 3a)

Task Description:

Teacher will model and explain how to garner information by asking clarifying questions. Once this is established the teacher will then model the use of the mystery box which contains animal pictures from various animal groups (mammals, fish, birds, insects).

Student Products/Performances:

One student picks an animal picture from the mystery box so that other students can formulate clarifying questions about the animal's body covering, the animal's home and the animal's foods to solve the mystery and determine the identity of the animal.

Teaching Materials/ARC Resources:

Set of animal picture cards
Container for the "Myster

These are suggested ARC titles for your work with this lesson plan.

Code Number Material Title
VC574.92-26 Magic Schoolbus: Gets Eaten
FSC591-41 Room to Live: Animal Homes and Territories
FSC591-14 Life of Animals


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