Plant or Animal


Tina Serdjenian
George J. Mitchell School
Waterville, ME 04901
Tel. (207) 873-0695
Elaine Breton
Grade Two
George J. Mitchell School
Waterville, ME 04901
Tel. (207) 873-0695


Grade Level: One

Group Setting: Small or Whole Large Instruction

Time Requirement: two 30 minute sessions

Curriculum Area: Science

Maine Learning Results Performance Indicators:

A2: Describe characteristics of living things

Waterville Curriculum Document Indicators:

Classify animals/plants (Classifying Life Forms, 2c)

Task Description:

Teacher will present plant and animal models in order to have students describe the differences between plants and animals. Following these presentations, students will sort prepared animals and plant pictures into the appropriate categories.

Student Products/Performances:

Picture sort
Students will give verbal explanations of the reasoning used during sorting activity


Teaching Materials/ARC Resources:

Prepared plant & animal cards

These are suggested ARC titles for your work with this lesson plan.

Code Number Material Title
ARC/CB Flower Model, Dicot
ARC/CB Perch Model
ARC/CB Cell Model, Animal
FSC574-18 How Plants and Animals Are Grouped
VC574.5-16 Plant or Animal?
SP590-4 Living Things: Alike and Different


Made Possible by:

The Colby Partnership for Science Education
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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