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Grade Level: One

Group Setting: Small or Large Group Instruction

Time Requirement: two 30 minute sessions

Curriculum Area: Science

Maine Learning Results Performance Indicators:

B1: Identify ways that organisms depend upon their environment

Waterville Curriculum Document Indicators:

Communicate that animals protect themselves differently (Ecology, 1c)

Task Description:

Teacher will present materials which explain ways in which animals protect themselves from predators and harsh environment conditions. Once this material has been presented, students will demonstrate the knowledge gained by completing the table (see model).

Student Products/Performances:

Students will complete the table

Teaching Materials/ARC Resources:

Suggested format for table used:

Animal Form of Protection Environmental Reason
Octopus Ink liquid Ocean-predator
Deer Thicker fur, Brown fur Winter-cold Camouflage
Snowshoe Hare Thicker coatWhite fur Winter cold Camouflage

These are suggested ARC titles for your work with this lesson plan.

Code Number Material Title
ARC/CB Butterfly Adaptation Display
ARC/CB Insect Diversity Display
VC598.2-2 Backyard Birds


Made Possible by:

The Colby Partnership for Science Education
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Bell Atlantic Foundation