Teaching and Learning @ Colby Fellows (TAL@C Fellows)

The TAL@C Fellows program immerses faculty and student teams in a series of guided conversations and workshops to encourage the successful implementation of active and inclusive strategies to enhance learning for all students.

TAL@C Faculty Fellows will receive intensive course design support from the Center for Teaching and Learning and a Learning Assistant. Each Faculty Fellow will select a student Learning Assistant to partner with them on the design and implementation of active learning strategies. Learning Assistants are not teaching assistants or tutors, instead they are pedagogical partners who will meet weekly with the professor to reflect on the course and support the development of new course materials and activities.

The CTL will pay the Learning Assistants on an hourly basis (~5-7 hours/week) for contributions to the pedagogical design and implementation of active learning strategies. Learning Assistants will also attend meetings with the CTL to debrief on their experiences and attend a Inclusive and Active Learning Seminar. Faculty Fellows are also invited to attend the seminar.

TAL@C Fellows – Fall 2020

The TAL@C Fellows program strives to help faculty and student fellows make progress toward

  • Enhancing appreciation of pedagogy
  • Developing relationships that support teaching and learning
  • Integrating knowledge of how learning works into course design
  • Implementing effective active learning strategies into traditionally lecture-based courses

Please feel free to consult Carol Hurney with questions or to talk through your proposal before submission.