Frequently Asked Questions

DavisConnects is a new model for the liberal arts that guarantees a global experience for all students regardless of financial resources or personal networks. Students put together a unique suite of global, research, and internship experiences that set them apart. Students have access to advisors with expertise in specific industries and who have the ability to connect students with the unsurpassed Colby alumni and parent network. Furthermore, beginning with the class of 2021, all students will have an assigned DavisConnects advisor in addition to their faculty advisor and advising dean. This team of advisors will allow students to integrate their global, research, and internship opportunities with their academic experience, a model unique to Colby.

Students can apply for funding from DavisConnects to be used for short-term experiences during Jan Plan, summer, or other breaks. DavisConnects does not fund traditional semester or academic year experiences. Financial aid packages from Colby are portable for semester and academic year experiences. See the student funding page for more information.

The Davis promise ensures that every Colby student who is grant eligible will have the opportunity to have an international experience funded before they graduate from Colby.

Check out the student funding page for deadlines, eligibility requirements, and the applications to apply for funding.
If you are a faculty member, check out the faculty funding page.

Endowed funding is money given where the principal is invested to ensure continued availability over time. Annually, what can be spent is a set amount of the earnings, with the hope that the investment will make up the money spent. In the case of the Davis endowment, the principle gift of $25 million is delivered over time.

Absolutely. You can make an appointment with a DavisConnects advisor to help design your time at Colby as well as post-graduate pursuits. You can also attend one of the many workshops and employer information sessions to assist with your internship and job search.

If you’re hoping to spend a typical semester or academic year abroad you should start with the Office of Off-Campus Study. We can certainly assist with planning how your study abroad experiences fits in with other global experiences, research, and internships, but the traditional study abroad opportunities still lie within the Office of Off-Campus Study.

No! The main floor as well as the ground level are open for student use most of the day. You can also book an interview room if you have a phone, skype, or in-person formal or informational interview.

Login to Handshake to view the schedule of open appointments and choose the one that works for you. You can also access workshops, employer information sessions, and the jobs and internship database in Handshake.

That’s okay, you can come see us regardless of whether or not you’ve figured out what you’d like to pursue. All of our DavisConnects advisors are equipped to advise you if you’re not sure how to design your future. When making an appointment, just choose the “undecided” category when prompted for an industry choice.