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    Students can receive transcript notation as well as an optional academic credit hour using the steps below.

Internships for Notation and Credit

Colby students have the opportunity to obtain transcript notation and academic credit for internships conducted throughout the year but must follow the steps below to receive either.

    • Credit for an approved and successfully completed internship will appear as a notation on your academic transcript.
    • In addition, you can apply to receive one academic credit hour per internship to a maximum of three credits toward the 128 required for graduation.
    • You can only register ONE internship per term.
    • An internship can be paid or unpaid.
    • Internships completed during January earn Jan Plan credit, whether or not they earn one academic credit, and whether they are paid or unpaid.
    • If you register for an internship and do not complete all requirements, you may receive a grade of ‘NC’ (No Credit) on your transcript.
    • Employers will often require confirmation of the College’s internship policy. DavisConnects issues all credit letters, but only after you are officially registered for internship credit. Please email to formally request your letter.
    • You must complete a minimum of 100 hours onsite.
    • You must maintain a daily internship journal, which must be submitted to your faculty sponsor at the end of your internship.
    • If you are pursuing the optional academic credit hour, you must also complete an additional project, agreed upon with your sponsor when you apply for the internship.
    • At the end of your internship, your site supervisor must send a letter to your faculty sponsor, evaluating your performance and confirming the number of hours worked.

    Specific Steps

    1. Secure an internship with an organization or company.
    2. Find and secure a faculty sponsor.
      • Your sponsor can be someone who is comfortable evaluating your internship experience, even outside of their discipline area to grant you credit. This decision is at the discretion of the faculty member.
      • Come to an agreement with your sponsor regarding the format and content of your final project if you are pursuing the optional academic credit hour.
    3. Fill out the online application form.
      • The application requires specifics such as company name, address, site supervisor’s name, and hours to be worked. The minimum number of hours onsite for an internship is 100 hours. Most Jan Plan internships involve 30 hours per week.
      • The application also requires a detailed proposal that should:
        • Specify the anticipated responsibilities or projects.
        • State what you hope to learn.
        • State how the internship relates to your long-term goals, such as exploring a career field.
        • Specify the nature and scope of the final academic product if you are applying for the optional academic credit hour.
    4. Faculty sponsor approves the internship online.
    5. DavisConnects approves the internship online.
    6. Registrar’s Office registers your internship.
      • Your internship will appear as an “090” course on your schedule. If you were approved for academic credit, the one credit will show there.
    7. If your internship will be taking place outside of the United States, you must submit the following documents:
      • Proof of insurance coverage abroad
      • Health form
      • Risk form

    1. Maintain a daily internship journal, documenting your experience, responsibilities, and hours worked per day.
    2. Let your onsite supervisor know they will need to complete a letter to your faculty sponsor evaluating your performance and confirming the number of hours worked.
    3. Work on your project for the optional credit hour, if applicable.

    1. Complete work on your final project, if any.
    2. Submit your internship journal and final project, if any, to your faculty sponsor.
    3. Ask your onsite supervisor to send (or email) the letter of evaluation directly to your faculty sponsor. (You should not see or handle this letter.)
    4. Faculty sponsor reviews your journal and the supervisor’s letter, evaluates your project (if any), and submits a “grade” (CR=credit or NC=no credit)
    5. DavisConnects adds the transcript notation describing the organization or business where you interned.

    For more information on doing an internship for academic credit, Jan Plan credit or transcript notation, please speak with your DavisConnects advisor.

    To receive full notation of your internship experience, please make note of the following dates:

    Spring ’19 Summer ’19 Fall ’19 Jan Plan ’20
    Application Opens
    The application becomes accessible online.
    1/10/19 2/16/19 6/8/19 9/15/19
    Application Closes
    Deadline to submit the online application.
    2/15/19 6/7/19 9/13/19 FY: 11/19/19
    So, Jr, Sr: 1/8/20
    Materials Due to Faculty
    Deadline to submit your journal, final project, and letter of evaluation to your faculty sponsor.
    5/10/19 9/2/19 12/16/19 2/3/20
    Grades Due to Registrar
    Deadline for faculty sponsors to award credit.
    Sr: 5/22/19
    FY, So, Jr: 5/28/19
    9/9/19 1/2/20 2/13/20

    Photo: Anjalee Rutah ’21, in Washington D.C. during her Jan Plan internship in 2019.