On Campus

All Colby students, regardless of financial need, have the opportunity to work on campus, and most do. There are jobs all over the campus, from the dining halls to the Cotter Union, libraries, Admissions Office, Athletic Department, etc. International students are allowed to work on campus from the very beginning of the first semester.

To apply for a job, visit Student Financial Services and complete an application. You will be asked to present your passport and I-20 form. All students are asked to fill out an I-9 form and a W-4 form before they can work. You will also need a Social Security Number (see section on Social Security Numbers on how to apply). Your Social Security card is used only for identification purposes when you are paid at Colby. It does not give you permission to work off campus. According to INS regulations, you may work on campus up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and as many hours as you wish during vacations. If you have completed your studies or your one-year exchange, you may not work on campus following the end of your final semester.

Off Campus

INS regulations do not allow international students to work off campus except through a very complicated procedure. Very few international students have been able to find employment this way, but if you want more information on this program, see the ISA. Please keep in mind that since your only authorized employer is Colby College, you may not work for any other employer, even if that individual is an employee of Colby.


Summer Jobs

During the summer Colby offers a Summer Enrichment Program for students who wish to stay on campus and work. There are only about 50 of these jobs available each summer. You may apply for one of these positions provided you will attend Colby the following semester. On-campus housing and a dining hall may be available for a small fee; this will depend upon the position.