All members of the campus community are encouraged to report any incident of Bias that they witness or experience by using our online reporting form.


It is important to note that the BIPR team is not an emergency response body. The BIPR team can work with affected campus community members to coordinate ongoing safety measures (like long-term No Contact Directives and permanent rooming reassignments). Campus Security, however, is best equipped to implement safety measures that are needed immediately (like emergency No Contact Directives or emergency access to a Safe Room).


It is also important to note that the BIPR team is not a disciplinary body.  This means that the BIPR team does not investigate and impose sanctions for the reports that it receives.  The BIPR team’s primary goal in responding to reports is to ensure that those immediately affected feel supported and have the opportunity to shape any response that might be deemed appropriate.

  • If requested, a BIPR team member will reach out to and consult with the reporting party in order to determine the best course of response. In all cases except those determined to pose a threat to the wider campus community, the reporting party and/or the targeted party can opt for the BIPR team to take no action at all.


When reports are submitted, they go directly to:

  • the BIPR chair(s),
  • the head of security,
  • the Dean of the College,



If requested, a designated BIPR team member will follow up with the reporting party within 24 hours to discuss response options.  Read more about what happens after a report is made.


All names included in a report, including the name of the reporting party, will be kept private.  This means that names will be shared only with those involved in responding to the incident—on a need to know basis—but will not be made public.


A brief summary of each report will be added to BIPR’s online Incident Log.  No names will be included in the log, and BIPR will do its best to limit the inclusion of other identifying information.