• A member of the BIPR team will follow up with the reporting party and/or targeted party to review the report and determine if further action should be taken.
  • Depending upon the reporting party’s preferences (and/or the targeted party’s preferences) the BIPR team may:
    • Refer affected students to relevant support resources on campus (including, but not limited to: counseling services, religious and spiritual life staff, equity and inclusion staff);
    • Work with Campus Security, the office of the Dean of the College, the Advising Deans, and the Office of Campus Life to coordinate necessary accommodations, including safety measures, housing adjustments, and academic considerations;
    • Coordinate informal resolution of the incident through facilitated communication and/or mediation;
    • Refer the case to the Judicial Dean, if the incident constitutes a violation of college policy and the reporting and/or targeted party would like to pursue disciplinary action.
  • A brief summary of each report will be added to BIPR’s online Incident Log [insert link]. No names will be included in the log, and BIPR will do its best to limit the inclusion of other identifying information.



Whenever possible, the BIPR team will tailor its response to the needs and preferences of reporting and/or targeted parties.  This includes honoring a reporting party’s and/or targeted party’s request for no action to be taken at all.  When a reported incident is interpreted as posing a threat to the wider community, however, the BIPR team may need to respond in ways that differ from and/or exceed the preferences of the reporting and/or targeted parties. Likewise, if an incident reported to BIPR constitutes Sexual Misconduct [link to SV Prevention/Response Page], the report will be passed on to the Title IX Coordinator for follow up, as required under Title IX.