1.  Security, after addressing any immediate individual and/or community safety concerns and determining that the reported incident falls under the hate/bias incident protocol, will forward the report, based on the nature of the incident, to some or all of the following Colby staff within 12 hours of receipt.  Security will report each hate crime to the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

  • Dean on call
  • Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Vice President of Administration
  • Vice President of Communications

2.  At least one of the trained staff members listed below will follow up with the complainant to establish psychological, physical, and emotional support.  The interaction is not a fact finding mission, but an attempt to assist and share the College process with the complainant.

  • Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Director of Campus Life, BIPR member
  • Director of the Pugh Center, BIPR member
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, BIPR member
  • Director of Gender and Sexuality Diversity Programs
  • Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life

3.  Security will investigate immediately upon the submission of a complaint.  Outcomes of the investigation will remain a private interaction between the complainant and campus officials.  In order to protect the privacy of those involved and not jeopardize an investigation, details of a case will not be divulged to the wider campus community.

4.  The Bias Incident Prevention and Response team will be notified when a bias incident has been reported.

5.  When charges are formally filed, the judicial process will be implemented and sanctions may be applied according to Colby’s Code of Conduct and/or Maine law.