Colby recognizes that because of the unique ways in which hate/bias behavior affect the community that care of the community is also important.  The Bias Incident Prevention Response (BIPR) team has been created to address the needs of the campus community.


It is the role of the Bias Incident Prevention and Response (BIPR) team to address expressions of bias in our community.  When appropriate, the BIPR team provides educational opportunities for specific campus constituencies and/or the campus as a whole to reflect on the nature, causes, and effects of bias.

Moreover, the BIPR team coordinates interpersonal and campus-wide response to expressions of bias reported through the BIPR online reporting form.


These reports allow the BIPR team to:

  • Assist those directly impacted by bias incidents and work with reporting and /or targeted parties to determine the kind of response, if any, that would be helpful.
    • Though the BIPR team will always reach out to reporting parties, reporting parties play a significant role in determining what the follow up to a specific incident entails. If a reporting party communicates that they are not interested in an incident-specific response, the BIPR team will do its best to honor that.
    • For more information about the interpersonal, incident-specific response that the BIPR team can offer, follow this link: [what happens after a report is made link]
  • Gather campus climate data regarding bias-motivated expressions and behaviors;
  • Maintain an updated incident log [insert link] of all reported incidents, omitting all names and including a brief summary of the behavior/expression being reported;
  • Communicate with the campus about specific incidents and/or campus climate trends, when deemed appropriate;
  • Make data-driven policy recommendations;
  • Recommend and assist with data-driven educational programming, largely in collaboration with other campus entities addressing equity and inclusion.

BIPR reports serve an important function even when the reporting and/or targeted party is not seeking an incident-specific response.  They are a tool for gauging campus climate with regard to diversity, inclusion, and equity issues.  While some expressions of bias may be overt, subtler forms of bias often go unnoticed.  BIPR reports can help our community to recognize and address the intended and unintended ways in which our words and actions may affect others.

The Bias Incident Prevention and Response team consist of the following trained faculty, staff, and students:

  • Emily Schusterbauer, Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program/Associate Director of the Pugh Center – 207-859-4093, (chair)
  • Betty Sasaki, Interim Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity – 207-859-4257, (chair)
  • Cora Clukey, Director of Equal Employment Opportunity – 207-859-4733,
  • Rebecca Conry, Associate Professor of Chemistry – 207-859-5764,
  • Tom Burton, Adjunct Associate professor of Athletics; Assistant Director of Athletics; Head Coach Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving – 207-859-4922,
  • Kurt Nelson, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life – 207-859-4272,
  • Thalia Giraldo, Program Coordinator for Residential Education and Living – 207-859-4265,
  • Becky Ferguson, Program Coordinator for Residential Education and Living – 207-859-4286,
  • Anita Guaman, Class of 2017 –