Colby recognizes that because of the unique ways in which hate/bias behavior affect the community that care of the community is also important.  The Bias Incident Prevention Response (BIPR) team has been created to address the needs of the campus community.  The team will assume an educational role in fostering a climate of inclusion, civility, and mutual respect.

The primary functions of the BIPR team:

  • To promote awareness and understanding on campus about issues of diversity and human difference to foster an inclusive environment; and
  • To consider and facilitate effective responses to incidents of bias that affect the Colby community.

The Bias Incident Prevention and Response team consist of the following trained faculty, staff, and students::

The goal of the BIPR team is to respond to the community needs and encourage a more inclusive environment.

The Bias Incident Prevention and Response team will:

  • Convene even in the absence of reported bias incidents to focus on awareness and prevention of bias incidents on campus.  Students, staff, or faculty are encouraged to contact BIPR team members for information, prevention and response concerns as well as to share information about campus climate issues..
  • Assemble to develop and implement a community response to a bias incident.  Such responses may include but are not limited to campus-wide forums, communication to campus (Echo article, emails, fliers), and educational programming.
  • Make recommendations – to appropriate administrators, governance bodies, organizations, or other groups – as to how to best foster an inclusive campus climate characterized by civility and mutual respect.
  • Work with College administrators to determine how to effectively respond to a complaint, whether or not that incident rises to the level of a policy violation.
  • Collect and disseminate to the campus community information about bias incidents.
  • When requested by a student or member of the faculty or staff, the team will hear and offer advice on potential options regarding resources and support.
  • Prepare an annual report describing the number and type of bias incidents reported and how the incidents were addressed.

*In all instance, the Bias Incident Prevention and Response team will protect the identity and privacy of individuals who bring matters before the group.