Welcome to the Colby College Catering Department. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to customize any of your functions.

  • For an event during the school year, contact Colby’s Scheduling & Facilities Office at 859-4735  to confirm the date, time, and location of your event.
  • For events during the summer months, please contact Special Programs at 859-4730 to book your space.
  • Faculty and staff can place a catering order online. All you need do is log in to the Catered Events Order Form, type in your order, and hit “Submit”. Your order will be sent directly to the desk of our catering manager
  • Winter Favorites –  Our catering culinarians have taken advantage of winter flavours by creating delightfully new dishes featuring the best of the season. They are only available for a limited time so check them out below.
  • Catering Guide – the source for most of your catering needs, from simple receptions to the most extravagant of dinners
  • Community Catering – We now have an exciting new catering option. Check out the selection of budget-friendly themed meals


Event Order Form   Winter Favorites   Catering Guide Community Catering

Pub Events

If you would like to hold an event in the Pub, contact us to secure a date.  Then check out the Pub Catering Menu to choose your items.  We’ll handle all the details for you.

Other Sustainable Catering Options

As part of Dining Services’ sustainable initiative, we offer the following options:

  • All serving platters and utensils are reusable
  • We provide reusable tumblers and coffee cups on events with disposable products
  • When planning your next catered dinner, consider ordering from our Seasonal Menu or choose a local cheese platter
  • Juice and water is now provided in bulk to reduce the use of individual plastic bottles
  • All disposable dishware and cups are biodegradable
  • All food waste from served functions goes to biodigesting
  • The following foods are purchased from local producers throughout the school year
    • Smoked Salmon from Maine
    • Tomatoes from Backyard Farms in Madison
    • Potatoes and Carrots from Lakeside Family Farms in Newport
    • Ice Cream from Gifford’s Ice Cream
    • Tofu from Heiwa Tofu in Rockland
    • Cheeses on cheese trays from Pineland Farms in New Glouster