Part of doing business in today’s world, includes being a good citizen to the communities in which you reside. Toward that end, Dining Services has joined forces with Colby’s Physical Plant Department to reduce water usage and improve waste management which resulted in winning the 2002 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. Dining Services also works with Colby’s Environmental Advisory Group to seek out ways to do our business without adversely affecting the world around us and assists both Sodexo and Colby College in their efforts to relieve world hunger by working with local food banks and shelters.

The Environment

In every decision we make, we are constantly thinking of ways to minimize our impact on the environment–from the way we dispose of our used frying oil, to the materials that go into building our dining halls, to how our food comes packaged.  Currently, all pre- and post-consumer food waste is composted at the Hawk Ridge Compost facility located in Unity, Maine.  Approximately 80 tons of food waste is composted each year resulting in a savings of approximately $10,000 each on water and sewer and $2,000 on electricity.
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Hunger Relief

Sodexo, Colby’s food service contractor, makes feeding the hungry a corporate priority. They encourage all accounts to make arrangements with local food banks to receive unexpected overproduction due to last-minute count changes or function cancellations and make a point of rewarding outstanding individual efforts.
Learn more about our hunger relief efforts.