Larry Llewellyn

Director of Dining Services

Larry oversees the Dining Services Program at Colby which includes the board plan for our three dining halls, the campus retail operations in the Pulver Pavilion, and  catering. His door is always open to answer questions or entertain student requests. Feel free to stop in any time to meet him. Or, submit a question or request on our “suggestion box” web site, as he is the one receiving your email.

Phone: 207-859-5464
Location: Roberts Main Office

Joe Klaus

Operations Manager

Joe concentrates most of his efforts behind the scenes to make sure all aspects of Colby’s Dining Services run smoothly. He is also our dining sustainability expert, including overseeing the Colby Garden.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of our dinning programs, feel free to give Joe a call.

Phone: 207-859-5486
Location: Dana Dinning Hall

David Hartley

Retail Manager

David manages The Joseph Family Spa and Marchese Bluelight Pub located in the  Pulver Pavillion in Cotter Union.  Dave will be happy to assist you with any suggestion or issue you may have with regard to our retail space. 

Phone: 207-859-5495
Location: Cotter Union

Keith Cole

Retail Manager

Keith co-manages The Joseph Family Spa and the Bluelight Pub with Dave. If you have any suggestions for menu items or programming, Keith will be happy to hear from you.

Phone: 207-859-5495
Location: Cotter Union


Heather Vigue

Catering Manager

Heather will be happy to assist you with any event being charged to a department account number. If you need assistance with a menu or have any questions about your catering options, Heather can help you.

Phone: 207-859-5467
Location: Roberts Union

Anthony Barrows

Catering Manager

Tony co-manages the catering team to assure that all your functions run smoothly. Feel free to contact him for assistance with any of your catering needs.

Phone: 207-859-5466
Location: Roberts Union

Matt Blais

Dana Chef Manager

As the chef manager of Dana, Matt can help you with any of your dining needs.  Feel free to stop him in the dining hall or give him a call if you have any questions regarding Dana’s dining program.

Phone: 207-859-5487
Location: Dana Ding Hall

Wendy Benney

Roberts Executive Chef

Wendy is the Executive Chef in charge of overseeing all the food at Colby. She also works with our catering department to develop innovative dishes for Colby’s extensive catering program. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients or preparation methods of Roberts dishes, she will be happy to speak with you.

Phone: 207-859-5480
Location: Roberts Kitchen

Terry Landry

Foss Dining Hall Manager

Terry oversees all aspects of Foss’s food program which includes many vegetarian, vegan, and organic offerings. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about the dining program at Foss, seek Terry out when you are enjoying the food in Foss.

Phone: 207-859-5491
Location: Foss Hall

Michael Ingalls

Dana Dining Manager

Mike assists with everything “Dana.”  Feel free to contact him with any questions or concerns you may have about your menu choices.  He is also the person to see for class dinners and sports breakup meals.

Phone: 207-859-5485
Location: Dana

Glynn McLaughlinGlynn McLaughlin

Dana Dining Manager

Glynn is the newest face at Dana. Feel free to welcome her to campus when you see her. She is quickly getting up to speed on all of the Dana programs and would be happy to help you out with your dining needs.

Phone: 207-859-5487
Location: Dana

Mikael Andersson

Roberts Executive Chef

As the Executive Chef at Roberts, Mikael can answer any questions you may have about the menu.  He is also part of the creative force behind our catering team. Feel free to give him a call or stop in to speak to him if you have any specific dietary needs.

Phone: 207-859-5481
Location: Roberts Dining Hall