How does the Take 4 Lunch Option work?
The Take 4 lunch option is available to all students in the Caporale Lounge, Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  In exchange for a lunch meal swipe from your board plan, you are able to create a quick and easy “grab-and-go” lunch option by choosing 4 items–an entree option which includes a rotating cycle of pre-made hot or cold sandwiches, salads, and burritos; a fountain beverage; plus two items chosen from the desserts, snacks, fruit and vegetable sticks menu.

I’m not on a meal plan. How much does it cost to eat a meal at Colby?
All meal prices run the same at each of our three dining halls. For Colby students only, breakfast is $3, lunch is $5, and dinner is $7. Everyone else, including faculty, staff and guests, is charged $6 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, and $10 for dinner.

I would like to bring a guest with me to the dining hall. Is that possible?
Every student on a full, 21-meal board plan has 5 guest meals per semester on their meal card. Students on the 100-meal plan have 2. Identify your guest to the checker when you present your student I.D. If you have used your guest meals for the semester, your guest can pay cash for their meal at the door prices listed above.

What is the Spa Meal Option?
Both the 21-meal plan and the 100-meal plan allow one meal per week to be used at the Spa.  (Note that the meal plan week begins each Friday at breakfast and ends with Thursday dinner).  The Spa will feature a different meal plan special for each meal period which can be used as an exchange for one board plan meal.

What is the 100-meal plan?
Your student I.D. will automatically be activated with this plan if you live in the senior apartments or off-campus. As a member of this plan, you have 100 meals available in the meal access system which are reset to 100 at the beginning of each semester. You may use these meals at any time during a semester but cannot add unused meal credits to the following semester or borrow meal credits if you run short before the semester ends.  If you are on campus all year with this meal plan, it renews itself on February 1.

I live in the senior apartment complex. Do I have to be on the 100-meal plan?
The 100-meal plan is automatically applied to your student I.D. without a cost to you. You always have the choice, however, to sign up for the full unlimited meal plan. If you did not choose that option before the school year began and would like to switch to the unlimited meal plan, contact Kim Kenniston.

What do I do if I lose my student I.D?
New I.D.’s are available from the ColbyCard office which is located on the first floor of the Garrison-Foster Health Center building. Their hours are 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday. At night and on weekends temporary I.D.’s are available from the office of Safety and Security located in Roberts Union. See their web page at ColbyCard

Some friends and I are getting together, can Dining Services help with the food?
You don’t have to head off-campus for your party supplies. Dining Services has a Shoestring Catering Program for students which allows you to order your food on line and pick it up when you need it. The list includes everything from beverages to munchies and it is priced for the student budget. Best of all, all paper supplies are included! Check out your options at the Shoestring Catering.