Allecia Reid

William and Margaret Montgoris Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: Davis Science Center 335 [ campus map ]
Phone: 207-859-5572
Fax: 207-859-5555


Postdoctoral Research, Brown University, 2012, Public Health
Postdoctoral Research, Yale University, 2010, Public Health
Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2010, Social Psychology
M.A., Arizona State University, 2008, Social Psychology
B.A., University of Connecticut, 2003, Psychology

Areas of Expertise

  • Social norms and peer influences on health
  • Stigma and health outcomes
  • Health promotion interventions
  • Alcohol use and addiction

Current Research

In my primary line of research, I examine influences of social norms and peers on health. In this work, I focus on how and for whom social norms and social networks influence health behaviors. I am particularly interested in both understanding the processes that underlie mimicry of risky behavior and testing strategies that might protect individuals against this form of peer influence.

My second line of research focuses on improving interventions to reduce young adult's alcohol use. This includes producing a better understanding of the mechanisms through which interventions bring about behavior change by testing the efficacy of individual active ingredients. I also seek to differentiate the factors that are important for initiating versus maintaining behavior change.

In a third line of research, I examine influences of stigma on health outcomes. This research includes consideration of individual's experiences with discrimination and structural forms of stigma (e.g., residential segregation, community attitudes). With collaborators, I have examined how discrimination negatively impacts maternal and child health (e.g., low birth weight, pregnancy weight gain) and how structural stigma reduces the efficacy of interventions for improving health.


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