Liam O'Brien

Associate Professor of Statistics

Office: Davis Science Center 215 [ campus map ]
Box 5838

Phone: 207-859-5838
Fax: 207-859-5846
Mailing Address:
5838 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901-8858


B.Sc. Computational and Applied Mathematics, Colorado School of Mines
B.Sc. Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines
Ph.D. Biostatistics, Harvard University

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistics (Biostatistics)
  • Statistical methods for longitudinal data
  • Statistical applications in neuroimaging and epidemiology

Courses Currently Teaching

CourseCourse Title
SC212 AIntroduction to Statistics and Data Science
SC321 AStatistical Modeling
SC398 AApplied Longitudinal Analysis
SC482 ATopics in Statistical Inference

Professional Information

Professional Statistician (PStat) accreditation, American Statistical Association


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