Serena Ferrando

Assistant Professor of Italian

Office: Lovejoy 313 [ campus map ]
Phone: 207-859-4662
Fax: 207-859-4405
Ferrando, Serena


Ph.D., Italian Studies, Stanford University
M.A., Comparative Literature, University of Texas at Austin
M.A., American Studies, University of Texas at Austin
B.A., Modern Foreign Languages, Università degli Studi di Genova

Areas of Expertise

  • Modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture
  • Environmental humanities
  • Digital humanities
  • Urban soundscapes / The city in literature
  • Italian surrealist novels, graphic novels, and short stories
  • Literature and mental illness
  • Foundations of 20th-century Italian literary canon

Courses Currently Teaching

CourseCourse Title
IT125 AItalian I
IT125 BItalian I
IT125T AItalian I in Genoa
IT128 AItalian through Film and Visual Culture
IT141 AIntroduction to Italian LiteraryStudies: Poets, Lovers, Revolutionaries
IT298 ANoisemakers: Tracing the Origins of Modern Music in Italy (in English)

Other Courses Taught

CourseCourse Title
IT 126Italian II
IT 127Italian III
IT 255Modern Classics Italian Style
IT 397City of Water. Mapping Milan's Aquatic Geographies

Current Research


-"'Un’oscura sete.' Natura nella Milano di Milo De Angelis." Italica. 94 (2), Summer 2017: 217-233.
-"Water in Milan. A Cultural History of the Navigli." ISLE, 21, 2014: 374-393.
-"Mi ricordo Alda Merini." Testimonianze. Grittini, Giuliano, ed. Milano: Incisioni Arte, 2010.
-"Alda Merini and Marilyn Monroe. Icons of Lost Love." Mantis, 7, 2009: 44-67.
Book Chapters:
-"Terra in Dino Buzzati’s Fantastic Landscapes." Landscapes, Natures, Ecologies. (forthcoming)
-The Other Truth. Diary of An Other. (A translation of Alda Merini’s L’altra verita`. Diario di una diversa) Milano: L’Incisione, 2007.
Book Reviews:
-Deborah Amberson. Giraffes in the Garden of Italian Literature. Italica. 92 (4) Winter 2015: 1010-1013.
-Franca Pellegrini. La tempesta originale. La vita di Alda Merini in poesia. Italica, 85 (2-3), Summer-Autumn 2008: 370-372.

Conferences and Talks

-“The Technology of Noise. Reshaping Italian Music One Soundwave at A Time.” AAIS Conference – Columbus, OH, April 20-22, 2017.
-“City of Water. Uncovering Milan’s Aquatic Geographies. A Digital Humanities Lab.” Digital Humanities and Italian Studies roundtable, MLA Convention – Philadelphia, PA, January 5, 2017.
-"Neo-Avant-Garde Urban Soundscapes." AAIS Conference – Baton Rouge, LA, April 21-23, 2016.
-"The Voice of the City: Urban Soundscapes of the Italian Neo-Avant-Garde." SCMLA Conference -- Nashville, TN, October 31-November 3, 2015.
-"Deathly Undergrounds in Italy’s First Graphic Novel: Dino Buzzati’s Poem Strip." ASLE Conference – Moscow, ID, June 23-27, 2015.
-"'An Obscure Thirst.' Nature in Milo De Angelis’s Milan." SCMLA Conference – Austin, TX, October 2014.
-"Scaffolding in Italian Literature Instruction." ACTFL Conference – Orlando, FL, November 22-24, 2013.
-"Daria Menicanti’s Cricket or On Being One with the World." SLSA Postnatural Conference – University of Notre Dame, October 3-5, 2013.
-"Dino Buzzati’s Poem Strip and The City" – Graphic Narratives Workshop, Stanford University, Professor Ursula Heise, November 2011.
-"Water in Milan. A Cultural History of the Navigli." ASLE Conference – Indiana, Bloomington, June 21-26, 2011.
-"Acqua nella Milano di Daria Menicanti e Alda Merini." ‘Viewing Change/Changing Views’ - Harvard-Brown Graduate Student Conference Italian Studies, March 12-13, 2010.
-"Gender and Translation. From the Margins to Visibility." ‘Corruption’ - Stanford Graduate Student Conference Comparative Literature, April 4-5, 2008.
-"An Italian Poet in the Madhouse: The Life and Works of Alda Merini." AAIS-AATI Convention, Genova, Italy, May 25-28, 2006.


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