Serena M. Graham

Lab Instructor in Biology

Office: Arey [ campus map ]
Phone: 207-859-5706
Fax: 207-859-5705
Graham, Serena M.

Current Research

The Peck Lab keeps, cultures and studies salt-loving microorganisms called Archaea. Their single chromosome shares genetic similarities to bacteria and eukaryotes, indicating an ancient history of gene swapping and genetic change. The cells respond to stresses at a genetic level allowing survival in their salt saturated niche. One of the extraordinary features of these microorganisms is their ability to use nutrients in their environment or sunlight to produce energy. The Peck Lab focuses on the biochemical pathway that produces the light-harnessing pigment for sunlight driven energy production. From gene to protein to salt-saturated survival, we observe how these amazing cells function.


Opsin-Mediated Inhibition of Bacterioruberin Synthesis in Halophilic Archae
Science but not Fiction
In November, 2017 members of the Peck Lab published an article titled, Opsin-Mediated Inhibition of Bacterioruberin Synthesis in Halophilic Archaea, in The Journal of Bacteriology. Authors, including two students, are Ronald F. Peck, Alexandru M. Ple┼ča, Serena M. Graham, David R. Angelini and Emily L. Shaw.
In late 2017 we were featured in the Colby Magazine, check out the article, called Science but not Fiction, on our research and 2017 publication.

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Visit our website, always under construction as lab members change and new items of interest appear. If you are curious about what we do or are interested in joining our team, this may be an excellent place to explore!


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