The Federal Reserve System—including the Board of Governors and each of the 12 Reserve Banks—is expecting to hire more than 100 research assistants over the coming months. A number of summer internship opportunities also will be available. We would like to enlist your support in referring qualified candidates to these positions.

We are committed to recruiting students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. As a major employer of PhD economists, the Federal Reserve is taking on a leadership role in making sure women and students from underrepresented minority groups have the opportunity to become interns and research assistants and explore career paths in economics.

These are highly sought-after positions. Fed RAs have the opportunity to work with leading economists on both research and policy work. After a few years as an RA, most go on to top graduate schools in economics, law, and public policy, while others find competitive positions elsewhere within the Fed System or in the public or private sector.

A description of our program, highlighting the benefits of being an RA and recruiting time frames, can be found on our newly developed portal, Direct links to each of the 13 Fed institutions—the Board and the 12 District Banks—are available by accessing this site.

Thanks again for referring your students to the Federal Reserve.

Dustin R. Rawlins, Sr. Management Analyst
Division of Monetary Affairs


Federal Reserve System Research Assistant Opportunities