Federal Reserve System Research Assistant Opportunities

The Federal Reserve System—including the Board of Governors and each of the 12 Reserve Banks—is expecting to hire more than 100 research assistants over the coming months. A number of summer internship opportunities also will be available. We would like to enlist your support in referring qualified candidates to these positions. We are committed to...

Is Food Waste Really that Bad?

Colby Professor Lindsey Novak’s research on the measurement of food waste (link to the paper) has recently been featured in a column in the Wall Street Journal

Prof. Hubbard’s Book on Marginal Revolution

Assistant Professor Timothy P. Hubbard’s book “Auctions” is mentioned by Tyler Cowen on his widely read blog “MarginalRevolution”: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2016/02/arrived-in-my-pile-38.html

The managerial economics minor

The minor in managerial economics began in the 2014-15 academic year.  Here are the details. Program Description The managerial economics minor is designed to provide students with a rigorous introduction to basic principles of business, finance, and management. The minor uses the business environment to support the disciplinary learning goals and methods for intellectual inquiry...