This is your starting point: What is your thesis topic and which professor is knowledgeable in this area?

A student, who is interested in doing an honors thesis, will approach a professor with their idea for their thesis and if the professor is interested, the professor will ask the student to solidify their ideas into a draft proposal including primary and secondary sources. Once the student has done this, they will schedule a second meeting with the professor. After the second meeting, the professor/Honors Advisor will confirm a commitment to the student and make suggestions for revisions to the draft proposal in order for the student to generate the final proposal. The student will then be responsible to submit their final proposal to their Honors Advisor and the department chair by May 5th.

After spring grades are finalized, the student is responsible for requesting the registrar’s office to email the Honors Advisor and the department chair with their overall GPA numbers and GPA for the major to confirm eligibility to do an honors project.

Students are expected to start/do their research during the summer.