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Colby College, Waterville, Maine




    John Banks

John Banks has been Director of the Department of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Indian Nation since 1980.  As Natural Resources Director, Mr. Banks administers a comprehensive Natural Resources management program for 130,000 acres of tribal trust and fee lands in Northern Maine.  Mr. Banks has served on the National Tribal Environmental Council, Native American Fish and Wildlife Society, National Indian Policy Center, and the Tribal Operations Committee with USEPA.   Mr. Banks has a BS degree in Forest Protection from the University of Maine and is a member of the Penobscot Nation

    Orlando Delogu

Orlando Delogu is Emeritus Professor of University of Maine Law School and the author of the leading treatise on Maine land use law. He has been a member of the State Board of Environmental Protection, the Portland City Council, the Portland Planning Board and gubernatorial task forces on land and environmental issues. A vigorous participant in land use issues in the courts and legislature, he has published extensively in the area of Maine land use and environmental law

    Doug Denico

Doug Denico has always resided in Maine and early in life decided to make a career in the forestry profession. He has a B.S and M.S. in Forestry from the University of Maine, Orono and has worked in the forestry industry for 38 years. He is currently retired and working on his own forestlands located in Northern and Central Maine

    Tom Doak

Tom Doak is the Executive Director of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine (SWOAM), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sound forest management and strengthening long-term woodland ownership on the 35% of Maine’s woodland held by small non-industrial owners.  Prior to working for SWOAM, Tom held a number of positions in state government, including serving four years as Director of the Maine Forest Service. He is a licensed professional forester and 3rd generation small woodland owner.

    Robert Dunphy

Robert Dunphy is a Somerset County Commissioner.  For the town of Emden, he has been a selectman and a school board member. He is the Code Enforcement and Plumbing Inspector for 6 towns and 68 unorganized townships, and a fourth generation resident of Somerset County. 

    John Echeverria

John Echeverria is the Executive Director of the Georgetown Environmental Law & Policy Institute.  Mr. Echeverria has written extensively on the takings issue and various other aspects of environmental and natural resource law. He frequently represents state and local governments, environmental organizations, planning groups and others in regulatory takings cases in federal and state courts.

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    Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson graduated from the University of Maine School of Law. After working for the Peace Corps in Nepal, she was a trial attorney in Lincoln County. She joined the Natural Resources Council of Maine in 1990, and is presently the lead senior attorney on NRCM’s North Woods project.  

    Mark Lapping
Mark Lapping is Distinguished Professor of Public Policy at the University of Southern Maine, where he also serves as Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, a post he held from 1994-2000. He founded the School of Rural Planning & Development at Canada's University of Guelph and the Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University. He also has taught in the Forestry School at the universities of Missouri and Vermont. Lapping served as Interim President of nearby Unity College in 2005-06. Author of ten books and well over 200 articles and studies on land use planning and policy, he consults broadly throughout the United States, Canada, Finland, Scandinavia and Estonia. He is the father of a Colby alum!
    Steve Schley
Steve Schley has represented Pingree Associates since 1985.  The Pingree forest ownership began in 1840 and was the first, large private ownership to obtain third party forest certification. The Pingree Forest has maintained dual certification from both FSC and SFI for a decade.  Steve has served as the president of the Maine Forest Products Council and is currently on the Maine Development Foundation Board of Directors, the Maine Economic Growth Council, the University of Maine Forest Bio Refinery Institute and Forest Resource Advisory Council.  He lives in Bangor with his wife and two children who both attend Bangor High School.
    Steve Weems

Steve Weems has lived in Maine for 33 years, dedicated to sustainable economic development that incorporates social equity and environmental conservation benefits. He is Senior Vice President of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. Through a CEI subsidiary he has arranged financings for almost 2 million acres of working forests for traditional and contemporary uses in northern Maine. Mr. Weems has a diversified career in Maine, in both private and public sectors. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School, worked in the Maine woods recycling organic materials from paper mills as a soil amendment, and has a brother who is a Colby graduate. 

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