Protecting Landscapes and Livelihoods in Northern Maine
Thursday March 13 - Friday March 14, 2008


Conservation Lands pre-1997

Conservation Lands 2007

Atlas of Maine Projects by the Students of ES212


Organic Farms and Agricultural Chemicals in Maine by Rosalind Becker

Carbon Sequestration and Major Population Centers in Maine by Jeff Carroll

Federally Recognized Indian Lands of Maine by Caitlin Casey

Wetlands and Development in Maine by Alaina Clark

Changing Property Values in Maine 1999-2008 by Beth Darling

Fragmentation and Clearing of Maine Forest Habitats by Lindsay Dreiss

Fault Lines and Earthquakes of Maine 1568-2005 by Caitlin Dufraine

Population Density and Dams in Maine by Fritz Freudenberger

Electrical Hookups and Service Providers in Maine by Eric Hansen

Impervious Surfaces of Maine by Courtney Larson

Electric Power Service Areas, Energy Lines, and Hydroelectric Dams of Maine by Ian McCullough

Organic Farms and Local Food Retailers in Maine by Jamie O'Connell

Suitable Habitats for Wildlife and Conservation Areas in Maine by Michelle Presby

Maine's Fast Food by Patrick Roche

Woodlot Ownership in Maine by Will Tyson

Median Household Income in Maine by Census Tract by Andrew Young