Course: ED493B: Senior Seminar in Environmental Education

Faculty: Karen Barnhardt, Education and Human Development


In this course, students learn various approaches to environmental education, such as formal and informal environmental education, environmental education for "at risk" youth, outdoor or adventure education, holistic, and experiential education.


Three students have researched and developed an environmental curriculum. They will use this knowledge to lead environmental education activities with upper elementary and middle school-age children at the Rachel Carson Celebration.


Course: ES266: The Environment and Human Health

Faculty: Gail Carlson, Environmental Studies

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of how our health is determined by our physical, chemical, biological, and even social environments; how we measure these health impacts; and how we assess these levels of risk in order to make regulatory/policy decisions. Topics include air and water pollutants, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, and environmental carcinogens; and how we assess these levels of risk in order to make regulatory/policy decisions.


As part of a community Environmental Health Assessment, students are putting together a series of brochures to be distributed at the Rachel Carson Celebration, that provide information on environmental health risks. A trailer showcasing safe products for the home will be open for student led tours.


Course: ES 113: Women and the Environment

Faculty: Gail Carlson


This course explores the diverse and complex ways in which women and the natural environment intersect, using the works and voices of prominent women environmentalists and authors, including Rachel Carson. Topics include how women around the globe participate in environmental issues, how women's participation has influenced Western science and environmental policy, and how the physical and chemical environment uniquely impacts women's health.



Students in this course created poster displays of modern-day environmental activist women, in the tradition of Rachel Carson.