Rachel Carson Celebration Speakers

10:00 AM - Keynote Speaker

Maril Hazlett, Rachel Carson scholar
“Rachel Carson’s Life & Work”

Bio: Born, raised, and still living in Kansas, Maril Hazlett did leave the Midwest to earn her undergraduate degree from Amherst College. She earned her Ph.D. in environmental history from the University of Kansas, where her childhood familiarity with issues of industrial agriculture and pesticides eventually helped interest her in Carson studies. In particular, Hazlett studied popular reactions to Silent Spring. Currently, Hazlett  works as an environmental consultant and is also completing a book manuscript titled In the Beginning: Evolution, Creation, and the Thinking of Rachel Carson. She lives in rural northeastern Kansas with her husband and multiple pets. 

11:00 AM

 Linda Tatelbaum

Linda Tatelbaum, Professor of English and Environmental Studies at Colby College
“How Rachel Carson Changed the World: Look Closely, Think Deeply, Write Honestly”

Linda holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from Cornell University. She lives in a solar house she and her husband built in midcoast Maine in 1977, where they raise their own food and generate solar electricity. At Colby, she urges people to voice their concerns about lifestyle sustainability and the wider environmental crisis we face. Author of three books (Carrying Water as a Way of Life: A Homesteader's History; Writer on the Rocks--moving the impossible; Yes & No (a novel), Linda insists that conscious choice is an effective tool for personal activism.

1:00 PM


Martha Freeman, editor of Always, Rachel: The Letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman, 1952-1964
“Rachel Carson’s Maine Connections”

Martha Freeman, previously serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Baldacci is now Director of the State Planning Office.  In this capacity, she focuses on management issues and such policy matters as community colleges, education initiatives and municipal restructuring. Prior to joining the administration, Freeman served as Director of the Maine Legislature's Office of Policy and Legal Analysis and as a Special Assistant to the Attorney General. She has also been a public policy and management consultant, a counselor in private practice, and an author writing about the environment.
Freeman has a law degree from the University of Maine School of Law and a master's degree from the University of Maine Graduate Program in Clinical Counseling.


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