Environmental Studies 118


Clicking on the highlighted words (or page icons) will download the mentioned page(s) to your computer. Lecture notes are comprised of text from class presentations and some illustrations not found in your textbook. These are outlines only and do not give all of the information covered in class. Lecture outlines will be added as the semester progresses.

Lecture by Date:

Feb. 6th - Introduction and Overview

Feb. 11th - Population I

Feb. 13th - Population II

Feb. 18th - Natural Resource Management I

Feb. 20th - Natural Resource Management II

Feb. 25th - Biodiversity I

Feb. 27th - Biodiversity II

Mar. 3rd - Wildlife Management I

Mar. 5th - Wildlife Management II

Mar. 10th - Agriculture

Mar. 12th - Energy

Mar. 17th - Water Scarcity I

Mar. 19th - Water Scarcity II

Mar. 31st - Pollution Regulation Overview I

Apr. 2nd - Pollution Regulation Overview II

Apr. 7th - Local Air Pollution

Apr. 9th - Regional Air Pollution

Apr. 11th - Group Analysis

Apr. 14th - International Air Pollution I

Apr. 16th - Ozone Depletion and Climate Change

Apr. 21st - Water Pollution

Apr. 23rd - Toxic Substances

Apr. 28th - Sustainable Development

Apr. 30th - Environmental Justice



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