About ArcIMS

The dynamic maps on this site are generated using ArcIMS, an internet map server developed by ESRI. ArcIMS works well with Windows operating systems running Internet Explorer. MacIntosh OS X users may need Mozilla Firefox to open and view the dynamic ArcIMS maps.

For additional information about ESRI and ArcIMS or for help troubleshooting problems opening up and viewing the ArcIMS maps, please click here.

After you click on a link for one of the maps, a new browser window should open showing your map, an inset image, a tool bar, and a map legend.

About the HTML Viewer Toolbar
Toggle between legend and layer list: Switches back and forth between a legend with symbology and a layer list with active layer and visibility options.
Toggle Overview Map: Adds or removes the overview map from the left top corner of the map display area.
Zoom In: Zooms in to the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.
Zoom Out: Zooms out from the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.
Zoom to Full Extent: Zooms to the full extent of the map.
Zoom to Active Layer: Zooms to the full extent of the active layer.
Back to Last Extent: Zooms to the previous extent.
Pan: Pans the display in the direction that you drag the mouse pointer.
Pan to North, Pan to South, Pan to East, Pan to West: Pans the map in one direction—north, south, east, or west.
Identify: Displays attribute information for the feature that you clicked.
Find: Finds map features with an attribute value matching a string that you type.
Measure: Measures distances on the map.
Print: Prints the map to your default printer.

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