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An Environmental Assessment  
      State of Maine's Environment 2007

The State of Maine: An Environmental Assessment is an occasional series of reports written by senior environmental policy majors enrolled in the Environmental Policy Practicum in the Environmental Studies Program at Colby College, Maine. The following 11 students (listed in alphabetical order) wrote the 2007 State of Maine report.


Joel Alex 08, Old Town Maine, Environmental Studies Policy Major and International Studies Major: After a year abroad studying the environment, I was excited to have this opportunity to examine the environment in my home state. As part of the energy team I developed a better understanding of Maine’s role in broader regional energy schemes and the environmental impacts of energy right here at home.  My future plans involve research on sustainable living practices at home and abroad as well as environmental outreach. 


Anna Barnwell 08, Anchorage, Alaska, Environmental Studies Policy Major and International Studies Major: In this project I have been able to understand how the residents of Maine value their environment by designing and conducting a survey on environmental attitudes in Maine. Other interests of mine include environmental justice, grass-roots organization, climate change policy, and international environmental cooperation. Future plans may include returning to Alaska for not-for-profit work and/or research in Scandinavia.


Jeff Carroll 08, Loon Lake, New York, Environmental Studies Policy Major and International Studies Major: I live in the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York. I lived in Paris France for five years, and that experience sparked my interest in international environmental policy and economics. As part of the team studying energy, I am particularly interested in how much of a role renewable resources plays in the energy budget of Maine, and how that may change in the future. I am an honors student writing a thesis on the economic potential of large scale carbon sequestration projects for the state of Maine as a means for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions, and hope to use that as a stepping stone for research after college.


Beth Darling 08, Fayette, Maine, Environmental Studies Policy Major: This project has been an amazing opportunity to combine my experience as a resident of a rural town in Maine and environmental policy.  As a member of the Land Use, Planning and Development team, I focused on the economic and environmental consequences of planning policy in Maine’s rural areas.  I am also interested in environmental education, conservation, and writing.  In the future, I hope to stay in Maine and work on planning policy and education coordination. 


Eric Hansen 08, Fredonia, NY, Environmental Studies Policy Major and Art Minor: I am fortunate to have this opportunity to work on local environmental policy issues again. While I love traveling abroad and dealing with problems that reach a wide audience and have a huge impact, there is something very satisfying about working locally. One is able to get to know all the actors and really make a change. I am particularly interested in development issues, both here and abroad, as well as climate change and I hope to work on these issues in the future.


Courtney Larson 08, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Environmental Studies Policy Major and International Studies Major: In this project I researched urban areas in Maine and the corresponding environmental issues. I am interested in environmental issues in the developing world and sustainable food production and distribution and am currently working on a senior honors thesis on human-wildlife conflict.


Jake Pinkston 08, Housatonic, Massachussetts, Environmental Studies Policy Major and Government Major: I grew up backpacking and canoeing near my hometown and became very interested in environmental protection. I am most interested in global climate change and alternative energy sources, which has made working with the Maine Energy group a great fit. After Colby, I hope to pursue teaching before attending either law or graduate school.


Aime Schwartz 08, Snowmass Village, Colorado, Environmental Studies Policy Major and International Studies Major: In this project I have addressed land ownership and development trends in Maine’s unorganized territories. Having spent a year off-campus in Washington D.C. and Madagascar, it was exciting to apply my interests in national and international environmental issues to current trends in Maine. I am interested in environmental health, environmental justice, international development, and political involvement. After school, I hope to work in environmental health and sustainable community development.


Kristina Shiroka 08, Sturbridge, Massachussetts, Environmental Studies Policy Major: I grew up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, though my family is from Croatia and I live there in the summer.  In this project, my partner and I conducted a survey on Mainers’ views on the environment, and used previously conducted surveys of this nature to enhance our understanding.  I’m interested in environmental justice issues, particularly those surrounding Maine’s indigenous peoples, and hope to work with these issues in the future.


Emily Sinnott 08, St. Louis Missouri, Biology Major and Environmental Studies Policy Major: I was born in St. Louis and raised in Tokyo.  Biology and environmental science were my two favorite courses in high school, and I chose to continue those studies at Colby. I am a Biology and Environmental Policy double major.  I’m interested in environmental issues, especially dealing with ecology, animal behavior, and conservation.  For this project I am researching the unorganized territories of Maine from a conservation perspective and evaluating public access and changing pressures on the land.  Next year I hope to do field biology research.  After that I plan to attend graduate school for ecology studies with a solid environmental policy background under my belt. 


Emmie Theberge 08, Orrs Island, Maine, Environmental Studies Policy Major and Government Major: After studying primarily international environmental policy, including a semester in the Galapagos Islands and working in Australia, I am excited to focus on environmental issues in my home state. In this project I am concentrating on public access to environmental resources from a recreational and tourism point of view. In general, I am interested in land use policy, climate change politics, and environmental security issues. I am currently writing a government honors thesis on transboundary conservation areas and interstate political relations and plan to study environmental law after leaving Colby.


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