Environmental Policy, Class of 2015

jakeI spent a lot of my time outdoors growing and was fascinated with nature. My family took several vacation trips to different National Parks, which sparked my interest in environmental studies and provided me with the opportunity to learn about environmental policy in action.  I took AP Environmental Studies in high school and knew that I wanted to pursue ES as a career.  I enrolled in the Green Cluster during the freshman fall. I already knew beforehand that I wanted to major in ES, so I wanted to become involved with the department right from the start of my Colby career.  Last JanPlan, I studied abroad in French Polynesia with Professor Loren McClenachan.  There, we studied the biological diversity, ecology, and conservation of marine ecosystems in Moorea, French Polynesia.  This spring, I will be going to Denmark and taking the Sustainability in Europe program. I chose this because I am interested to learn more about environmental policy and law on local, national, and international levels.

Last summer, I interned at the Connecticut Beardsley Zoo Ecology, where I monitored invasive plant species in the park, created species identification cards for both native and invasive species, and helped create education program on invasives in Connecticut. I learned a lot about the local ecology in my community and what is being done to protect biodiversity in the state.  Some of the strengths of the ES department are the professors who are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, the close-knit ES community, the diversity of interesting and challenging courses, and the passion of the students and professors.