Coming to Colby, I already had found a love for the environment and for science. Growing up in Staten Island, New York, woods and forests can be hard to come by. I am fortunate enough to have parents who stressed the importance of being outdoors and exploring. They inspired my love for the environment that I have today. I wasn’t initially sure what I wanted to study or get involved in on campus. I’ve since declared Biology and Environmental Science as my majors. I’m a member of the Crew team, a CCAK mentor, and a Community Advisor.Katy2

Colby’s Environmental Studies department has been really helpful in helping me find my passion All of the professors that I’ve had have been extremely knowledgeable. Last January I got the opportunity to travel to Kalimpong, India for an environmental internship. I was able to work for an organization called Save the Hills where I got the opportunity to work alongside professionals. We learned about sustainable architecture and landslide prevention, both of which are crucial efforts in the Kalimpong area.

Colby encourages it’s students to apply what they’ve learned from classroom settings in the field. Colby’s location is ideal as we are located right in the heart of Maine’s beautiful wilderness. The ES classes that I’ve taken at Colby have all included some lab portion where we get the opportunity to utilize the space that we’re in.

Studying Environmental Science at Colby has been a transformative experience. I’ve been with distinguished professors and living on a campus that is advancing the progress of sustainability efforts. Colby’s ability to immerse ES students into the fields that they will be working in is truly remarkable.