Environmental Policy, Class of 2019

After enjoying weekends spent exploring and leading camping and canoeing trips, Monica realized that she wanted to study environmental science at Colby. The summer before starting college, Monica was invited to Monica2Colby as part of the Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences. As a CAPS student, she was provided with hands-on research experiences in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and other natural science disciplines. She was able to work closely with Colby professors in classrooms, labs, and field experiences specifically designed to help her thrive throughout her Colby education. For example, she worked with the CAPS program at Mount Desert Island Biological Lab studying the decline of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) along the coast of Maine. The following summer, Monica was offered an internship in Cleveland, OH with the Board of Health doing water quality research. These opportunities and her studies at Colby helped Monica realize that by choosing the Environmental Studies—Interdisciplinary Major, she would have practice using computational techniques that are used in environmental policy and science, and would be able to investigate environmental problems with quantitative tools such as GIS. With this major, she can fix environmental problems using technology.