The Environmental Studies Program is committed to mentoring students on internship opportunities that relate to their studies and areas of research. We do this through providing in-house internship advising with our ES Coordinator, administering an ES internship stipend program, distribution of internship opportunities through our website and via our weekly newsletter, cultivation of internship opportunities with external organizations and Colby alumni, and maintenance of a database where past ES students have interned.

A Sampling of ES Majors and Their Internships

AlexChurchill Alex Churchill ’18 SANCOOB saves seabirds (Read more) Jack1 Jack Sears ’17 National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute, Experimental Pathology Laboratory, Bethesda, Maryland(Read more)
Ben Semmes ’17 Vermont Energy Investment Corp. Burlington, VT(Read more) Jess1 Jessica Batchelder ‘17 The Nature Conservancy (NH), Newmarket, NH(Read more)
Thomas_ES_Internship Christina Thomas ’17 Humara Bachpan Campaign, Delhi, India (Read more) becca Rebecca Chmiel ’17 Notre Dame Department of Biological Sciences (Read more)
Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 3.43.12 PM Albertha Ladina ’17  Oceana, Moneterey California (Read more) Wes1  

Wes Zebrowski ’18 Maine Audubon (Read more)

Internship Archive

Internship Mentoring

The first stop when students are considering summer internships within their field of interest, should be with the ES Coordinator, Lia Morris. Lia is available for appointments to advise on resume building, selecting an internship that matches  academic interests, for help in connecting with various environmental agencies, and other non-academic advising. You can find Lia in Diamond 110b or at

Fall 2016 Internship Mentoring and Stipend Presentation.

Internship Announcements and Information

Read ES Newsletters with job and internship listings amongst lots of other information. If you want to receive the weekly ES newsletter regularly or get ideas to help jump-start your search, contact Lia Morris, the ES Program Coordinator.

Internship Stipends

The Environmental Studies Program has funding to support domestic and international environmental internships during Jan Plan and summer break.  This opportunity is available only to Environmental Studies majors.  Each internship stipend will depend on the nature of the internship, the anticipated budget, the financial needs of the applicant, and the availability of other resources including the employer’s ability to provide partial compensation.  Consistent with the Colby Career Center policy, the Environmental Studies Program funding is intended to help cover supplemental costs that students may incur (such as travel, housing, and food expenses) and not as a source for compensation.  Funding cannot be used for academic field programs.  We will begin accepting applications for Jan Plan 2018 internships on Monday, November 6 and close on Monday, November 13.  The summer deadline is Monday, April 2 through Monday, April 9th.  Applications should be sent  For more information on the application process and requirements see Application Process and Requirements for ES Internship Stipends. Davis Connects also has a variety of endowed funds for which ES students might be eligible here.
The endowed funds include the following:

Thomas T. Tietenberg Environmental Studies Internship Fund

Jan Plan 2016  Alanna McDonough ’16, Cam Held Photography Summer 2015 Cara Goldfarb Conservation International, Arlington, VA  Summer 2014 Lidia Henderson ’16- Environmental Health Strategies Center, ME Ben Semmes ’17- American Wind Energy Association, Washington D.C. Summer 2013 Jeff Meltzer ’15- Natural Resources Council of Maine, ME Jan Plan 2013 Keith Love ’13- Tambopata Macaw Project, Peru Lucy O’Keefe ’14- Natural Resources Council of Maine, ME Meagan Hennessey ’14- Natural Resources Council of Maine, ME Jan Plan 2012 Caitlin Curcurto ’13- World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, Australia. Garrison Beck ’13- Biodiversity Research Institute, ME.

Jason Klein Environmental Studies Internship Fund

Jan Plan 2016 Alexander Churchill ’17, South African Foundation for the Conservation of Seabirds, Molly McGavick ’18, Environmental Business Council of New England Summer 2015 Jessica Batchelder ’17 The Nature Conservancy, New Hampshire Chapter Jan Plan 2014 Guillermo Sapaj ’14,  Conservacíon Patagonica, Chile Shannon Oleynik ’16, Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve, Belize Michelle Burt ’14, Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Management Department Noma Moyo ’15, Environmental Management Agency, Zimbabwe Jeff Meltzer ’15, Small Planet Institute, Massachusetts Summer 2013 Molly Cox ’15, Blue Green Alliance, Washington, D.C. Jan Plan 2013 Elizabeth Schell ’14- Upland Holistic Development Center, Thailand. Angela Cross ’14- Global Vision International, Costa Rica. Jan Plan 2012 Elizabeth Schneider ’12- Fitchburg Fields, WI. Lydia Ball ’13- Research position with Dr. Cathy Bevier, ME/Brazil. Jillian Howell ’12- Center for Community GIS, ME. Katherine Murray ’12- Boston Area Gleaners, MA.

Alexander K. Buck Jr., Environmental Studies Internship Fund

 Jan Plan 2016 Wes Zebrowski, Maine Audubon, Hannah Twombly ’16, Natural Resources Council of Maine Summer 2015 Summer 2014 Andrew Newcomb ’15,  Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Aquatic Plant and Water Quality, ME Kiana Kiramure ’17,  Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Aquatic Plant and Water Quality, ME Summer 2013 Natalie Cecere ’15, Tufts Veterinary School, Wildlife Recovery Program, Massachusetts Andrew Newcomb ’15, Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Aquatic Plant and Water Quality, ME Summer 2012 Jack Mauel ’13,  Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Aquatic Plants and Community, ME Summer 2011 Kaitlyn Bernard ’13- Natural Resources Council of Maine, ME. Amanda Lavigueur ’13- Kennebec Land Trust, ME. Matthew Cheever ’12- Maine Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management, ME.

Gordon '64 Fellowships in Environmental Science

  Jan Plan 2016 Rebecca Chmiel, Stream and River Ecology Lab at Notre Dame University Summer 2015  Ben Semmes ’17, VT Energy Investment Corporation, Burlington, VT; Cameron Barner ’16, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA; Peter Craig ’16, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA; Sophia Samuels ’16, Green Building World Wide, New York, New York; Sara LoTemplio ’16 Chazy Orchards, Chazy, NY;  George Voigt ’17 Round River Conservation Studies, British Columbia Jan Plan 2014 Grace Reville ’14, Appalachian Mountain Club, Maine Anna Hess ’14, Community Water Solutions, Ghana, Africa Serena Haver ’16, Community Water Solutions, Ghana, Africa Summer 2014 Elizabeth Sull ’16,  Colby Environmental Studies Program Internship, ME Summer 2013 Kellie Walsh ’15, Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket, Massachusetts Angie Cross ’15, Belize Zoo, Belize Mackenzie Nichols ’14, Field Researcher with Mississippi State University Faculty, Michigan Helaine Linden ’14,  Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Environmental Education Sarah Large ’14,  Colby Environmental Studies Program Internship, ME Summer 2012 Grace Reville ’14,  Colby Environmental Studies Program Internship, ME Mackenzie Nichols ’14, Lufa Greenhouses, Montreal Canada Elizabeth Anderson ’14,  Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Environmental Education, ME Summer 2011 Olivia Kefauver ’12- Acadian Internship, Schoodic Education and Research Center, ME. Kellie Fisher ’12- Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division, DC.

Hollis Internship Fund

Jan Plan 2016 Casey Ballin ’16, Killimanjaro Coffee Plantation, Brian Kim ’18, Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences Summer 2015   Samantha Lovell ’16, Oceana, Washington D.C.; Emily Walker ’16, Oceana, Washington, D.C.; Jack Sears ’17, National Institutes of Health, Washington, D.C; Chase Goldston’ 18, Cape Eleuthra Institute, Bahamas; Alexa Junker ’16, Friends of the Earth, Germany, Bund, Germany; Shannon Oleynik ’16, Environment Maine, Portland, Maine; Jeff Tucker ’16 Oregon Natural Desert Association, Bend, OR Summer 2014 Sara Miller ’15- Wildlife Conservation Society, NY Liz McCormack ’15- Environment Maine, ME Kellie Walsh ’15- adidas Group, Sustainability Division, MA Summer 2012 Lydia Ball ’13, Church Forest Research with Dr. Travis Reynolds, Ethiopia, Africa. Ellen Evangelides ’14, Church Forest Research with Dr. Travis Reynolds, Ethiopia, Africa.

Michael D. Sullivan Research Fund

Summer 2015  Clea Harrelson ’16 Sebasticook Regional Land Trust, Unity, Maine; Taylor Schlichting ’16, Audubon, Portland, Oregon; Altinay Karasapan ’16, American Wind Energy Association, Washington, D.C. Summer 2014 Katherine Rizk ’15- PDX Wildlife, WA Hannah Twombley ’16- Gulf of Maine Research Institute, ME Xuan Du ’16- Better Farm, NY Summer 2013 Taylor Witkin ’14, NOAA Fisheries Science Center, Hawaii Olivia Avidan ’15, Environment Maine Summer 2012 Nina Hatch ’13, Clean Water Action, MA. Catherine Raker ’13, New England Aquarium, MA. AJ Schweitzer ’14, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, MA. Amanda Lavigueur ’13, Maine Coast Botanic Gardens, ME. Victoria Abel ’14, Beijing Normal University College of Water Sciences, China.

David H. Firmage Environmental Studies Internship

Summer 2014 Maddie Johnson ’15- Urban Beekeeping Lab, MA Grace Fowler ’17-  Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, CO