Dr.Kathryn Cottingham is currently a professor of biological sciences at Dartmouth College whose main interests are in ecology and its application to environmental health. She earned her M.S and PhD. degrees from University of Wisconcin-Madison studying the effects of nutrient inputs and food web structure on freshwater plankton communities and lake ecosystem stability. After graduation, Dr.Cottingham joined the first cohort of post-docs at National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, California and then moved to Dartmouth. Her laboratory at Dartmouth now explores a wide range of ecological and environmental health issues including cyanobacterial response to global climate change, the landscape limnology of Greenlandic lakes and ponds, and the effects of human exposure to arsenic and other metals. Along with being a professor and researcher, Dr.Cottingham also is the chair of the Department of Biological Sciences as well as the Vice-Chair of the Science Advisory Committee for the Lake Sunapee Protective Association.

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