The Colby Environmental Studies Program is pleased to announce that Dr. Carl Safina is named to our first Mellon Distinguished Fellowship in Environmental Studies.


Fisheries, coral reefs, forests, climate change, poverty, literacy for girls, and peace—these are all facets of the same issue.

Drawing on two acclaimed books published in 2011—The View From Lazy Point and A Sea In Flames—scientist/author Dr. Carl Safina weaves a story that is both deeply personal and broadly global.

Sharing travels that take us from his Long Island beach house to the high Arctic, Antarctica, and across the coastal tropics, he shows how the changes he’s witnessed challenge not just nature but all of humankind.

Safina will also discuss how science has ethical implications, how religion and science are converging toward common cause on environmental matters, and how moral responses can add momentum toward increasingly crucial solutions.

Despite serious trends, there is a path forward.

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