Where in the World Did ES Majors Spend Their Jan Plans?

Wednesday, February 11th

Students Noma Moyo and Lidia Henderson will reflect on their Jan Plan Internships at the World Wildlife Fund and New York Botanic Gardens.

Approaches to restoration: Assessing the roles of structure and function in saltmarsh restoration in light of climate change

Wednesday, February 24th

Abby Pearson, Colby College Teaching Assistant

Hemlock woolly adelgid and the Maine forests

Wednesday, March 4th

Allison Kanoti, Maine Forest Service

Growing an Aquaculture Business in Maine

Monday. March 9th

Matt Moretti, Bang Island Mussels

A short film by Environmental Studies major Jackson Hall about BIM will be shown followed by some formal remarks

Up in Maine:  Building a life and a farming business in Maine

Wednesday, March 11th

Prentice Grassi ‘95, Colby alum, Village Farm, Freedom, ME

Maine Statehouse Happenings Around Environmental Issues

Wednesday, April 15th

Beth Ahearn, Maine League of Conservation Voters

Community forestry in the Indian green economy: Taking stock of the van panchayats
Wednesday, April 22nd
Divya Gupta,  Faculty Fellow in Environmental Studies, Colby College