Grace Reville ‘14 Coastal EcologyGrace

Growing up with curiosity for the natural world, Grace spent much of her youth outside developing a love for the environment around her. After spending the JanPlan of her sophomore year on Professor Russ Cole’s trip to Belize, Grace decided she wanted to pursue more in depth study of the marine environment. In the fall of her junior year, she participated in the inaugural semester of the Changing Oceans Program at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. She then spent the spring of her junior year abroad in Zanzibar, Tanzania where she was able to apply the knowledge acquired in the lab to her field studies program on coastal ecology and natural resource management. Upon returning to the states, Grace spent the summer before her senior year as an intern at Oceana in Washington, D.C. where she was able to apply her knowledge of the marine environment to the federal policy surrounding ocean conservation. Back on the hill, Grace is a co-president of Colby’s Environmental Coalition (EnviroCo), which provides a platform for student driven environmental activism. She also spent the summer before her sophomore year on campus as the Environmental Studies Program Assistant, where she was able to combine her love of both environmental science and policy.


Liz Schell ’14 Marine Science 


Liz came to Colby wanting to major in Biology, but after taking Ecology with Russ during her freshman fall, she decided that Environmental Studies was the way to go. Even though she is from Colorado, she has a passion for the ocean, which led to her concentrating in marine science. The helpful guidance of the ES professors also helped her to land some amazing internships that let her to explore her interests, including great white shark research in South Africa and conducting bird surveys in Thailand. One of her favorite parts of environmental science is that it is applicable in most situations, allowing for lots of travel, both domestically and internationally. As a senior this year, Liz is focusing in on writing a thesis with Professor Loren McClenachan focusing on the history of shark fisheries in New England. She is particularly excited about this opportunity because it is a great way to sum up her studies at Colby and continue to pursue her passions.


Erin Love ’14 Applied Ecologyerin love

Erin is particularly interested in agriculture and food systems. She plans to write her senior year thesis on the relationship between local food systems and food security in New England.  Erin is a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Ecology class and believes that it is the best job on campus.  She is also one of the co-presidents of the Colby Environmental Coalition, or EnviroCo, a student group that works to raise campus awareness of a broad range of environmental issues.   Erin spent spring of her junior year abroad in Lima, Peru, where she had the opportunity to work with Building Dignity, an NGO that focuses on youth leadership development and community development.  She worked with Building Dignity to start an educational garden in their community center, which was located in one of the shantytowns on the outskirts of Lima.  Erin has a lot of gratitude for the Colby ES program and the emphasis it puts on the interconnectedness of environmental policy and science issues.


Noma Moyo ’15 Environmental Policy 


Noma came to Colby with a broad range of interests from Biochemistry, to Economics, and lastly Environmental Studies. She eventually fell for the Environmental Studies Program because of its interdisciplinary and solution-based nature; it was a perfect fit, as she is enthusiastic about having a career that contributes to community transformation. Noma first encountered global environmental issues in Duino (Italy) where she participated in a youth conference about the effects of climate change on coastal areas, and at Colby her interest in sustainable development and pollution control grew. In her spare time she enjoys community service work. Over the summer, she volunteered with the Colby Gleaning Program, collecting produce from the Waterville Farmers’ Market to donate to local food shelters. Her favorite classes at Colby have been Ecology and the Environment & Human Health. What she liked most about these classes was direct engagement with real situations and being given the opportunity to contribute to policy making by publishing a letter to the editor and lobbying for the Kids’ Bill in the Augusta State Offices. Noma has thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with ES Professors and students who offer great resources and support in and outside of class.


ColinColin Cummings ’14 Environmental Policy

Growing up camping, fishing, and hiking with his family, Colin developed a passion for the environment at a young age. He enrolled in the Green Cluster his freshman fall and hasn’t looked back since. Now a senior Environmental Policy major, Colin is excited about the work he will be doing in the International Environmental Policy Capstone course and busy thinking about life after Colby. He is considering a wide range of possibilities, from graduate school, to nonprofit environmental advocacy work, or even outdoor education. During his time here, Colin has had many amazing opportunities related to his studies. During his sophomore year JanPlan, Colin explored the tropical rainforests and coral reefs of Belize as a part of a Colby ecological field study. That summer, he stayed on campus and worked as a research assistant for Professor Russ Cole, studying the impacts of shoreline development on the Belgrade Lakes. During his junior fall, Colin studied abroad in Chilean Patagonia, where he fell in love with the snow-capped mountains and glacial waters of the region and decided to stay and travel during JanPlan. This past summer Colin interned with Oceana, an international nonprofit ocean conservation group based in Washington, D.C. His favorite aspects of the ES Program are the wonderful professors, who feel more like family than teachers, and the multitude of on and off-campus study, travel, and work opportunities available to students.


Grace O’Connor ’14 Environmental Policy 


Grace grew up on Long Island Sound, spending hours exploring tide pools, always being drawn to the natural world. As a scuba diving instructor, Grace has always felt a deep connection to the ocean and realized that she wanted to devote her life to protecting it. She really fell in love with the ES department at Colby after going to Belize with Prof. Russ Cole during her sophomore JanPlan and hasn’t looked back since. Although a policy major, Grace loves field work and traveled to French Polynesia to study coral reef ecology and conservation this past January before heading onto Australia for the semester to study rainforest and reef ecology. She loves the fact that the ES department is such a tight knit community and that she has gotten to work closely with many of her professors. On campus Grace worked with Prof. Loren McClenachan studying shark finning. This past summer she had the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. for the marine conservation organization Oceana.