Come to Bobby Silberman to re-live Iced COOT through a slideshow of pictures compiled from each trip. At the bare minimum, this promises good vibes and happy memories!

– The COOT Committee

Described by the New York Times as a “virtuoso playing at the edge” and “a technologically fearless violinist,” violinist/composer Mari Kimura, director of the Atlantic Music Festival’s Future Music Lab, will perform both her own compositions that integrate interactive computer and pieces written for her by other composers. These works will demonstrate how the living tradition of classical instrumental performance continues, deploying the new music technologies available in our time. Kimura will also demonstrate and perform her interactive audio/video works using her latest motion sensor project, µgic.

Contact: Deb Ward,, 207-859-5670

“The Last Valkyrie” is co-authored by author Jeremy Robinson and Colby student Tori Paquette. Come to the Mary Low Coffeehouse on Saturday to meet the authors, talk about the book, and get some free snacks!

Megan Tan, creator of the podcast Millennial, will share practical advice about how to handle post-graduation employment uncertainties. Tan is a radio producer based out of her closet in Portland, Maine. Before graduating in 2014 from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photojournalism, she worked alongside WNYC’s RadiolabMinneapolis Star Tribune, and Timber & Frame Media. Millennial, about maneuvering your 20s post-graduation, started out as a homemade project and is now internationally consumed and distributed by PRX and Radiotopia. Soon after graduation, she carved her passion project into a full-time job. She’ll be talking about the non-traditional ways she got there and the hard decisions she had to make. Cosponsored by the Creative Writing Program, The Center for the Arts and Humanities, and the Career Center.

Contact: Professor Debra Spark,, 207-859-5284