Cindy Mitchell will be meeting with ITS Department for a staff meeting.


On Oct. 2 Colombians will go to the polls for a historic vote: whether or not to accept the negotiated accord with the country’s largest and oldest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the FARC. The accord promises to end the longest running insurgency war in the hemisphere, and put a definitive end to the Cold War conflict between Marxist guerrillas and the state. But it’s proven controversial because of the FARC’s criminal activity related to the drug trade and their extensive human rights violations, including thousands of kidnappings. Associate Professor of Anthropology Winifred Tate will discuss the outcome of the vote and the implications for Colombia.

Contact: Dianne Labreck,, 207-859-5230

CAPS will have their monthly gathering here to catch up, enjoy the weekend together, and check in about how academics and social life are going at Colby.

Meeting to discuss Inspiring Scholarship event with College and Student Advancement and Dean of the College staff.